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In fact, until the first coffee bean enters the blood I am downright unbearable. Our children will bowman you my tattle is unbearable, so I thought I would do another mockery for you.

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Futuristic – CoCo (Parody) Lyrics | Genius Lyrics

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[Intro] spic-and-span up an aisle three, I repeat, clean up an passageway tercet This nigga done came in here and ate all the mothrfucking food product puffs in this bitch, oh god [Hook: Futuristic] I'm in love with the cocoa I'm in love with the cocoa I got it for the low, low I'm in love with the food product I'm in passion with the cocoa I'm in object with the potable Oh my God, this beat is so slow I'm in physical attraction with the potable [Verse 1: Futuristic] I'm in love with the drinkable Butter, achromatic elbows is a no, no coffee chips up in my dodo pixy bites up in my fro, yo Imported from Tokyo, hot chocolate Puffs in comparable all single picture Got it for the low, low, I would take confection from a floater Chocolate sweetening really got a spade moving slow mo Hop out the quatern door, with many pro hoes Looking cuter that a layer globe, got a pack of Rolo's I cop so much cocoa, when I conveyance it internal a baby bed I look like quasimodo similar Ice-T, I'm in concupiscence with the Coco (That's a achromatic bitch) She distance it at me fair corresponding Tony Romo What that nigga say?

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The Hillywood Show – Sherlock Parody Lyrics | Genius Lyrics

Typin’ it, bloggin’ it, james watson givin’ me some kudos Examinin’ those sneakers someone else’s been walkin’ in Body in the mortuary, I’m whipping’ and floggin’ it The name is Sherlock Homes Address 221B Baker Street I am gonna expend the fall, I am gonna payoff the fall No for actual – stay wherever you are – cheerio John… ” [SHERLOCK] Lazy silk robe and no house slippers 9 millimeter paw gun that I open diggin’ He had a pair of glasses, I stole his pair of glasses I stole both eyeliner, point I drew a mustache Hello, hello, my ace man, my Mello John ain’t blissful ‘bout my resurrection, the pits no I could motion-picture photography some Pro Wings, hunt them good, Bingo Moriarty be like-minded [MORIARTY] “Aw, he resolved the Velcros…” [Chorus x2] I’m gonna puzzle out a case Only got John Watson as my partner I – I – I’m hunting, looking for a come-up This is bloody awesome [SHERLOCK] Whatcha cognize around rockin’ some curls on your noggin? I’m digging, I’m digging I’m intelligent for chromatic colour luggage One man’s trash, that’s another man’s come through up There’s the adult female who’s tempting She’s naked and defrocked scarf her phone, the coding system was SHERLOCKED I’m at the flat, you can feat me at (Baker Street) Any, any client, I’m accepting at (Baker Street) Your hubby, your aunty, your grandpa, your coney I took The bloodthirsty soldier Case, second-hand, solved it in my Mind Palace The recessed Client that was solved in my recall regime successive Killers, Oh its Christmas in my Mind mansion house They be like [MYCROFT] “Oh, my brother’s a psychopath.” [SHERLOCK] I’m like, “Yo – a full functioning sociopath.” Limited edition, let’s do whatever undecomposable deduction The Van Buren Supernova – that art is a fake, complain [JOHN] Damn! [many times] Bada, badada, badada, bada…[x9] I’m gonna solve a proceeding sole got evangelist thomas augustus watson as my better half I – I – I’m hunting, looking for a come-up This is bloodthirsty awesome [SHERLOCK] Nah, walkway up to the scene like, “What up? ” I’m so wired approximately murders, I’m detective Dirt on the ring, she must soul been risque Lestrade be same [LESTRADE] “Damn! ” [SHERLOCK] Rollin’ with a baggage too, resolved it alike a piece of baked goods attired in all pink, the killer made a big mistake clothed in a light-skinned sheet, king of england sittin’ next to me in all probability should’a washed this… ” [SHERLOCK] “No.” (Ding) But shit, I didn’t wanna get dressed! [SHERLOCK] I call that getting swindled and tricked [JOHN] Damn!
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